Abraham Clark: America’s Revolutionary Conscience

Nancy Hart: America’s Super Heroine

Salem Poor: America’s Hero of Bunker Hill

Rachel and Grace Martin: America’s Intrepid Sisters-in-Law

General Daniel Morgan: America’s Master Strategist

Edward “Ned” Hector: America’s Heroic Teamster

Lieutenant Colonel William Barton: America’s Hero in Exile

Private Robert Shurtleff: America’s First Woman Soldier

James Armistead: America’s Slave-Spy

Sergeant Ezra Lee: America’s First Submariner

Captain Alan McLane: America’s Hero on Land and Sea

Sergeant Major John Champe: America’s Secret Kidnapper

Oscar Marion: America’s Loyal Volunteer

Peter Francisco: America’s Paul Bunyan of the South

Captain James Mugford, Jr.: America’s Defender on the High Seas

Molly Ludwig Hays: America’s Woman Sergeant

John Honeyman: America’s Unknown Spy

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