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Episode 04 - Let Sleeping Dogs Bark DRAFT.docx

The Permanent Man #5: Barter Me Love

Desmond Shepherd

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2013 by Desmond Shepherd


Going behind the back of Agent Red, Dr. Blue spoke with Cassy Hold when she needed help. She revealed that her husband, Patrick—also known as the Permanent Man—was in a hidden basement within her home. After talking to Patrick, Dr. Blue learned that the accident at the Agency had sent Patrick back in time….

The salad contained a stray cherry tomato, resting by itself along a green leaf of lettuce. It reminded Kim Avant of her own life.

She stabbed a fork into the tomato. How many times had her heart been crushed in a similar manner? She couldn’t count. It’s not easy being the “normal” girl. The “smart” girl. No one pays attention to you when you’re like that.

She glanced around the cafeteria within the Agency. Other scientists and agents mingled together. Conversing about their work. Laughing.

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