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Walk the Pit Road

by Meg Foster

copyright 2013 by Meg Foster

Smashwords Edition

A soft breeze played about Nancy’s hair as she stood in the warm sunshine waiting for the green bus into town. She was alone at the stop, and this pleased her, for she had no desire for idle chit chat today. Her trip into town was not something she cared to discuss with anyone else. Nancy knew she had the reputation among the village women as being stand offish, but it was just the way she was. She always felt uncomfortable at the way the other women seemed quite at ease discussing their personal lives with each other, her thoughts were that personal lives were private and that was how she liked to keep hers.

Opening her best handbag she removed the soft blue leather purse that Peter had given her for Christmas. It was an expensive item but he had insisted she was worth every penny, including the one that was taped to the inside flap so the purse would never be empty. Glancing at the penny a soft smile moved round Nancy’s face. She was so fortunate in her choice of husband, she loved Peter dearly and both of them adored their outgoing little daughter beyond measure.

As the old green double-decker bus rolled to a stop and Nancy boarded to the friendly greeting of the conductress, the woman at number six felt a pinch of envy.

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