Bitcoin Explained:

Today's Complete Guide to Tomorrow's Currency

Learn the Ins and Outs of Bitcoin and How You Can Profit From It

By Daniel Forrester


Mark Solomon

Published by GrassRoot Books

Copyright GrassRoot Books 2013

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Editor’s Foreword

We are all accustomed to our currencies, whether they are dollars, euros, yen, yuan, or reais.

However, We Rarely Stop To Ask:

- Who controls the currency we depend on?

- Can “they” make my currency worthless?

- Do the people or institutions that control the currency we use have an advantage over us? Does this advantage allow them to live more easily, become richer and not have to work like we do for the currency? (Hint: YES!)

There’s a new currency in town, one that is beginning to change how the world’s nations, marketplaces, and peoples interact financially.

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