Learning Disabled Adults Achieve Success-Proven Methodology

By Jon Van Loon

Copyright Jon Van Loon 2013

Smashwords Edition


This Book is unique from comparable offerings since the writer is actually a learning disabled adult, a science professor

Why have I written this book after having already published 2 successful eBooks on Learning disabilities? I discovered that these already published volumes were acutely slanted to youth and the learning and related problems incurred during life through classroom stages ending in the late teens, early 20’s. Adult’s who chose to read my already published books often because one or more of their progeny were diagnosed as leaning disabled, contacted me to query whether their own problems might also be related to having a learning disability. Yes learning disabilities are often hereditary. Thus this present book originated.

As stated this book is uniquely different from most others, it having been written by an actual person who has a severe learning disability. Not only that but despite my problems I have developed strategies such that I achieved high level academic and professional success. Like you I have dealt with typical problems daily from youth through adulthood and hence provide a superior dimension unavailable to those trained experts in the field who have never lived this scenario.

Most importantly please note that the structure of this volume for special learner adults is unusual. I have inserted much relevant material from my former books altered where necessary so that it relates to adults with learning challenges. Additionally I weave in stories often from other venues that are useful in building on the themes that constitute the fabric of my arguments.

Have you attained adulthood and wondered why you possessed traits that made it difficult during your formative and vocational years to learn by conventional methods? You might have an undiagnosed learning disability.

Despite these problems many who are thus burdened have obtained tertiary degrees or other degrees and diplomas and then gone on to be successes in professional life. Others with these difficulties may have abandon education at some stage along the way but still have gone on to have highly successful professional lives. Many adults suffering with learning difficulties and related problems are daily engaged in a struggle just to combat their routine difficulties and retain motivation at home, work and to interact in society. This book is for all of you.

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