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Mary’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass

Lotus Rose

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Copyright 2007 by Lotus Rose

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“Hrrmpph!” Mary exclaimed, then pouted in the mirror. “I wish I could grow up faster,” she mumbled to herself.

There would be no more curfews, no more stupid rules, no more dumb bois acting like dumb bois.

And, Mary thought, she would be so beautiful and grown-up, like other grown-up girls.

Of course, her little-girl body was nice for so many things. She was taller than a lot of bois, and she could run faster than a lot of them too. But she wasn’t as pretty as a grown-up girl, because she didn’t have certain … things.

She wished she could be as pretty as Tyria. Tyria was definitely the most beautiful supermodel in the entire world.

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