Silver Moon


C.L. Bevill

Silver Moon

Published by C.L. Bevill at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 by Caren L. Bevill

Note to the readers: This is the third part of a trilogy. If you’re reading this one first, go back and download Black Moon and then Amber Moon. It’ll make a lot more sense. Enjoy.

Chapter One

When Jack Drake woke up he noticed two things. The first was that he was warm and somewhat warmer than he should have been, especially one of his legs. However, he wasn’t in a relationship at the moment and no one had been sharing his king sized bed recently. He didn’t have a dog that was prone to sneaking up onto the bed. And since he lived in Texas, with October being a mild month, he certainly hadn’t needed an electric blanket.

Half asleep, he wasn’t particularly concerned. As an agent for the elusive Committee, he didn’t imagine that the many individuals of different species that were his enemies were going to cuddle him before assassinating him for the sheer hell of it. Furthermore, his Texas home was known only to a select few people, and none of them would share it with the wrong people or, as he sometimes called them, critters.

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