The Time Catalyst”; by scifiguy3553.

*This novella is the second version of the novel, “The Solar Bridge: The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel” by Joseth Moore, whom is scifiguy3553. 'Time Catalyst' was never published until now, with Smashwords.

@Copyrighted, Joseth Moore as scifiguy3553 ; September 2013


Seattle, Washington; Spring of 2008; Monday morning…

Cheri Fillmore, executive assistant of Miracles, Inc., was conducting a quick tour of the company’s towering skyscraper. The 95-story edifice was just north of the downtown area of Seattle. The corporation specialized in space engineering and had a myriad of contracts from both the government and private sectors. The majestic Miracles Tower certainly reflected the company’s reputation.

Now, as you can see from the size of our Accounting office alone that Miracles, Inc. is a very large player in the research and development field, not just in the application of science…” Cheri took the large group of new employees down a bustling hallway in the middle of the skyscraper. The Accounting division, like all other divisions within Miracles, had wide windows where the employees were easily seen. This gave the company the impression of transparency, quite literally.

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