Happy New FEAR

By Bridget Squires

Copyright 2010

She was beautiful, legs as long as can be, eyes a soft shade of emerald with red hair that looked like fire sprouting from her head. The bouncy curls that hopped and skipped as she moved made the fire dance seductively, drawing my attention immediately. Despite being surrounded by sweaty bodies, she shined through the crowd as if meant just for me. A smile crept across my face as I downed another captain and coke, my fifth or sixth of the night. I was feeling the buzz, a thick blanket of inebriation had wrapped around my brain, helping me in gaining enough confidence to approach this goddess tonight. She would be my New Year's kiss, I was sure of it. Club Down Under is always packed on New Year's Eve and every year I find myself present for the party. I guess I'm a sucker for punishment since every year I also end up vomiting on myself in the back of a cheap cab as I make my way home with a girl I'll never see again, but this year would be different.

This girl was special. The way her crimson mini skirt scrunched up just enough to allow a peek at her round cheeks and the fact that she was going commando tonight all gave the telltale signs that she was here alone. The white halter top, cut so deeply that her pierced navel was making its presence know, glowed brightly under the fluorescent colored lights that flickered to the beat of some up and coming rock band. Pushing and shoving trance like dancers from my path, I slowly made my way to her side, allowing a dazzling smile to catch her by surprise as she turned to writhe along the dance floor some more. She smiled back, painted lips and heavy makeup making her resemble a supermodel rather than a party animal. We danced, her gazing deep within my eyes, as if I were the only man out there, as if no one else existed. Her back arched, rising and falling in a spectacular flow of motion, heels sliding along the floor as if she were floating, defying gravity. As the night darkened, she took my hand, her skin so hot I winced as she led me to the depths of a dark corner.

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