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Chapter 1

Essa Alroc

The Apology

© 2012, Essa Alroc

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Chapter 1

If Gabrielle could change anything in the world, anything at all, it would be her decision to come home early from her shopping trip on an ordinary December afternoon. She left her husband still sleeping that Saturday morning and headed out the door to get a head start on Christmas shopping. Nick had expected her to be gone all day.

In the six months since marrying her husband, Gabrielle had become an expert at several things. One of those things was spending Nick’s money. Her husband was a wealthy businessman, who worked in a field that Gabrielle didn’t really understand. He’d vaguely explained it as an import business, bringing merchandise into the country for resale. He didn’t discuss his business and Gabby didn’t mind. He gave them security, which was all she ever really wanted.

Because Gabby was such an expert shopper, she’d found everything she wanted to get for Nick in less time than she thought. She’d rushed home, relieved to find the driveway empty, and started looking for the perfect hiding place for his gifts. Their home was huge. Eight bedrooms and five baths; but at the same time, Gabby worried that Nick would find what she’d gotten him. She decided to hide her gifts in the one place she was sure Nick would never look; the attic.

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