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With the Dammed

Lee Pletzers

Copyright Lee Pletzers 2010

Published at Smashwords

He looked at the computer screen. Nothing came. The words he had typed seemed worthless and wasted time. Chris feared having wasted the past six months on drivel, his fingers typing worthless shit. A book without a plot and subplots amounting to nothing. That’s what this book was … nothing. A big fat zero. It pissed him off. He dreamed of being a big name author — a super seller of horror. But it wasn’t going to happen if he kept writing the crap he was.

Chris was an artist of words. So why would nothing worthwhile come from his fingers? Was his muse a bitch and having a great old time fucking with him? It sure as hell seemed so.

Using his mouse he went back to the start of his novel, ‘With The Dammed’. The title seemed good. He started reading, found typos and fixed them.

Night turned to day and he was unaware of it. Chris had found the flaw in his book. Convinced that this novel was the one to set him on the ladder to financial freedom and superstar status, he scrolled through the two hundred and eight-six pages, formed new decent subplots and was ecstatic with the possibilities that showed themselves.

He apologized to his muse. She was with him the entire time, having gone to sleep when the flaw was apparent and returned when he fixed it.

He was on a roll. A super roll, which would take him, his wife and his daughter into an upper class lifestyle.

His wife came into the study, stared at him but he ignored her as he did his daughter when it came to writing. He ignored everything except the muse and the letters pushed onto the computer screen.

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