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Jeremy Taylor

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Jeremy Taylor


Mary Fisher had not wanted to be a primary school teacher. She also had not wanted to take the twenty four members of Mrs Kirkeby's class to Bristol Zoo. However, as she had not found any other suitable career and as the Headmistress had not found anyone else willing or able to go with Mrs Kirkeby’s class, Mary Fisher found herself on a bus full of six year olds. Sitting next to her was Donald Jameson, the deputy head. Both Donald and Mary were looking forward to the visit as much as to a visit to a dentist with halitosis.

Before they had left school they had been honoured by a visit from the headmistress. The children had promised to do everything that Miss Fisher and Mister Jameson said. They were also informed of a competition. Each child should spend the morning looking at the beautiful and wonderful animals. Then, in the afternoon, they were to draw a picture showing a picture of their favourite animal. The headmistress herself would judge the competition on their return to school. There would be a prize for the best picture. The best three pictures would be hung up outside her office so that all visitors to the school would see them.

Before the coach had left the school grounds half the children had started on their lunchpacks and by the time they reached the zoo some of them had not only finished off their midday meal but had also deposited it on the floor of the coach.

Once inside the zoo they were like a bunch of excited bloodhounds straining at the leash.

“Please miss, I wanna see the elephants,” cried Phillipa.

“Well we're...”

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