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It had all started as an intellectual exercise, just to see if he could actually pull it off. He’d meticulously mixed plant and animal cells to make the plants produce androstenol, adrostenone, phenylethylamine and oxytocin; he’d painstakingly modified the plants’ structures and the functions of those structures.… He’d spent seven years tinkering. Not that he had anything better to do. It was the kind of shit that had made Gloria leave. He left work … to do more work. What else was there to do? It was all that mattered; it helped him forget.

Work was all that mattered. Charles Stromby had given up on people a long time ago. He was too strange—people didn’t understand him and he felt uncomfortable around them, and besides, they took too much of his time, and … he was fucking lonely. But forget about the loneliness—bury yourself in your work, right?—make more loneliness. And now the work he had made for himself for the past seven years was almost complete and Charles Stromby was starting to feel very lost. He didn’t know what he would do … afterwards.

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