The Girl Next Door

Lotus Rose

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Copyright 2007 by Lotus Rose

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The day she had moved in, Todd had fallen in love with her. Up to that point, he felt, when he had come home from Physical Anthropology class and seen her carrying her things from a little U-Haul trailer to the apartment next to his, he had never seen anything so beautiful.

She was so beautiful, in fact, that he had stopped dead in his tracks and stared—when the mind is encountered with such an image of perfection, it can’t help but be overcome for a moment. She had the body of a ballerina, tall and lean—svelte—with mahogany shoulder-length hair and shimmering, emerald green fawn-eyes rimmed with blue. Her face was simple, innocent, delicate. Her small, pouty lips were set in a grimace from her exertion, and she was huffing as she started up the stairs with a large cardboard box just barely encircled in her long, thin arms. He watched her long, shapely legs as they climbed the stairs; they went in adorably at the knees.

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