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Chapter I

You are as strong or as weak as you choose to be. It is simply a matter of deciding what you wish to be...

Slowly things come into focus. As I become aware of my surroundings I notice all the myriad strands of color swirling around me. An electric blue twists and bends around my left leg and nudges my big toe. A richly textured purple slides down my chest to rest at my torso. A blood red drapes itself across my chest. I feel the urge to raise my left hand, and as I do I discover that all these colors are in essence me. I see them all intermixed, making variations of all the colors of the rainbow, in the little strands that make up my left hand. I look down and see a well spring of light bursting from below that is rushing through illuminating me. Yet, this causes no panic because somehow I know that the well spring is a part of me too.

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