When You Fail The Test Of Time

"Sorry, this is the real world, not science fiction! You can't do time travel!" I told him adamantly.

"Agreed, I can’t send you back, or forward, 300 years or anything like that, but I tell you, time distortion of a few minutes, giving the effect of time travel, is possible. Look, I showed you that when I sent that package five minutes into the future. It disappeared, because it was no longer there, and then reappeared five minutes later, which is where I sent it."

"I reckon you just hid it behind an internal screen, then at the right time, the screen raised, and, lo and behold, the package!"

"So how do I prove to you that I can distort time with my machine, so that you'll believe me?"

I looked at the large chamber, and wondered if this was the moment for the big double bluff. "If it’s that good, send me forward in time, just by 5 minutes or so, enough that my watch will show the difference, but not enough to have any dramatic effect on my life. That would prove it."

To say he looked doubtful at that idea, was putting it mildly. "But ... but, I've never tried it on anything more than a box, or case, or similar items, not even an animal as yet. I know it comes out looking the same, but I have no way of telling if that’s really the case. It could change the whole cellular structure, it could do anything to it."

"It could, but you keep telling me its safe, and it doesn't. So ... ? Of course, if your machine really is nothing more than a magic box, I'll then know that, won't I? It would spoil all your wonderful illusion, if I discover I'm here all the time, just hidden by a screen, wouldn't it?" I assumed it was just a trick of the eye, and that at this point he would admit the fact, and that would be it. However, I was wrong, seemingly.

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