A Tale In The Encircling Belts Of Tirano Saga

by Shawn B. Thompson

Copyright 2013 Shawn B. Thompson

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I boarded the plane in Paris relieved that I wouldn't spend the rest of my life in a French prison. But when I stepped off the plane in San Francisco, I found a worse punishment waiting: Never again when I emerge from the concourse would Keiko be standing on her tiptoes looking for me. Never again would I be able to embrace her and kiss her lips. Instead, I would spend the remainder of my life in one universe and she in another, and my son with her. A son I would never see.

By the time the car service dropped me off at my home in Mill Valley, the sun was setting behind the green pinnacle of Mt. Tamalpais. When I was a child the orange glow of the sunset over the mountains always made me happy; it meant Santa's elves were baking cookies. I no longer believed in Santa and his elves, nor could I believe I'd ever be happy again. In the last three weeks I had lost the two things that had defined my existence: my partnership in Lott & Pembroke and the only woman I'd ever loved, Keiko. It only deepened my misery that the night before she left, Keiko told me she was pregnant with our son.

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