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Still Light Canto 1: Exposition
Act 3: The Atrocity Exhibition

Published by Danny Jorgensen at Smashwords

Copyright © 2013 Chirag Patel

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Still Light is a series of standalone stories, set five years apart from one another, running from 2020-2600AD.

What Has Come Before

Feng, a gifted developer, created the world’s first true AI with the help of a mysterious black slate. A few days later, Zhukov, a military figure representing a group called Abraxas, recruits him.

Feng is taken to an island with a group of other developers, where Act 1 takes place. Feng plays a game of Go to test Gerald, the nascent AI. During the game, Gerald exhibits flashes of true awareness to Feng.

That night, Mia, the heuristics developer, worries about the fact their work has been done in secret. Later, Zhukov meets Feng and offers him a promotion. This makes him an Archon, and allows him to join the inner cabal of Abraxas.

As we leave the island, it is destroyed, eliminating all those who did not join Abraxas and all trace of the technology they have developed.

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