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Published by Evangeline Love

Copyright 2011 Evangeline Love

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From the other side of the bar she could see him staring at her. Honestly, it couldn’t really be classified as staring; it was more like a purposely intense glare. She had no idea who this tall, dark, mysteriously handsome stranger was or why he was glaring at her, but god it was making her hot all over.

The glow from the bar allowed her just enough light to see that he had his shoulder hitched up against a tall column in the far corner of the bar, just before the start of the dance floor. His dark shirt sleeves were rolled up his forearms, his strong hands hooked in the pockets of his tight slacks. Nothing about the look in his eyes or his slightly arrogant demeanor was subtle.

His need was palpable, almost a living thing, reaching across the room and stroking her, demanding her submission. Shuddering, she closed her eyes and forced her body to relax. Trying but surely failing miserably at feigning indifferent to the dark Adonis across the bar, she continued to lay low, sipping her fuzzy navel -yes cliché as it was, but it tasted really good- at the new bar.

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