The Majestic Cloud

Mellissa Regal

The trees were singing today but I couldn’t figure the tune. The agonizing sun finally gave up to the moon as it was going down behind the forest. Soon the aesthetic beauty of the sun would disappear and be replaced by a ghastly moon that would cover the forest in a blanket of danger, but there is one being that glows in the darkness to bring piety and truth, the majestic cloud.

Scintillate light mimicked a gigantic lighting bug and lit up the area, while darkness gave in shivering and afraid. This cloud was gorgeously painting itself bright yellow and gold admiring its cotton candy structure. The smile was quite visible, but the eyes remained hoodwinked behind a misty fog as if shielding themselves from the world. The cloud hung higher than all others, and magically chose the median of the sky.

A young girl desired to write as she pulled out a pen and a sheet of paper. The paper screamed to be filled with ink for its soul remained empty and confused with sorrow. Her hair was long brown with many curls and her smile was fake and real at the same time. As she stepped out into the forest, the leaves and trees rattled letting her know she had protection from false faces. A pen that was held tightly in her creamy hand rejoiced because its thoughts would be spilled to bring that paper life.

The reposing breeze seemed calm, this scintillate evening, as it welcomed and brushed itself throughout my hair. The cloud lit up the immaculate sky as if giving me a flashlight to guide the way. Crisp leaves batter the ground like butter as its smell surrounded me, while the grass breathed heavily as if it wanting to make sure the forest was absorbed into it.

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