The Gonkers Visit the Saints

By Mary Pearson

copyright 2013 Mary Pearson

Smashwords edition

Of course Molly was the one who found out. She prided herself on her sneakiness. Father Andrew told her church school class that they should figure out their God given talents. Well, being sneaky was her talent. She was the best at becoming invisible to her parents when she needed to be. And this could be a life saver.

Some people might say it was stealing when she took the graham crackers, for example. The fact was that the casserole thing Auntie Gen made for dinner last week, the one Gen said was made with pork and stewed broccoli, but it actually smelled and tasted (yes, she dutifully tasted it) like some unidentifiable fish, needed to be replaced. None of the Gonkers had been able to eat it. So she used her sneakiness gift to save the lives of her siblings. None of them starved.

So when she heard her parents discussing the fact that George had died she ran to tell her brothers and sisters.

“I'm gonna miss the way he said, “O-oh! when he was surprised.” Lily tried to imitate it, but couldn't come close.

Logan frowned. “He was like another kid, spending all his money on toys.”

“Foy us,” Molly said through her sniffles.

“For him, too.” This was Finne. “He bought them so he could play with them first.”

“No more Christmas dolls.” Maggie's face was tragic.

George wasn't actually their uncle, but he had befriended their mother and her sisters and had continued to give gifts to their children. Their mother was actually a bit annoyed by the clutter and probably wouldn't miss the toys. But it would change their lives in another way. Their mom had been taking the kids one at a time to visit George in the nursing home where he had reluctantly been placed after he had collapsed on a trip to the grocery store. Now they would no longer have this outing.

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