She sang:

Left foot—hoppity hop!

(She hopped on her left foot, just like Hoppy Bunny

and all the kids were doing.)

Right foot—hoppity hop!

Now go forward, hop hop hop!

Hop cuz I love you and I won’t stop!

She giggled and hopped, mesmerized by the magical land of Hoppy Bunny, a land of talking flowers and birds, and happy children singing and laughing and hugging.

The Television Studio in Austin, Texas

Amber stood taking in deep mouthfuls of air, waiting for the dizziness to stop, trying to ignore the stifling heat and the sheets of sweat soaking her body underneath the bulky costume.

Mama refused to keep the studio cold. She didn’t want the children shivering, she said.

So Mama cared more about the little kids than about Amber. Sometimes Amber would even faint. Mama would only tell her to hurry up and get back to practice or shooting, if she wanted her “candy.” Mama always called it candy in front of the children, but of course it was a different kind of candy.…

And Amber needed it.

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