How to Get Along


Your Girlfriend’s Cat


Nick Pipfield

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How to Get Along with Your Girlfriend’s Cat

Let’s call her Muffy. (The cat, not your girlfriend.) She hisses at you. She swipes at you if you try to pet her. She hops up on the coffee table to block your view of that fourth-and-inches play. When you’re getting into it hot and heavy with your girlfriend, she climbs between you. You’re pretty sure she’s saving that special hair for your next pizza slice, and you’re pretty sure you know which part of the body it came from.

You love your girlfriend, but her cat… Her cat is a problem. What’s a cat-hating he-man like yourself to do?

Well, considering that a poll in “Men’s Health” magazine indicated that 78% of women wouldn’t continue in a relationship with a man if he did not tolerate their cat, you’re probably going to have to get along with Muffy.

Following are seven strategies for keeping the peace with your girlfriend’s cat. But first, you must know your enemy.

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