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No woman is perfect. I am. My legs impossibly long, my arms achingly lean. Delectable small breasts with the face of an angel. I don’t bleed like women do. I don’t pee. Fuck me all you want, I hold no diseases in my cunt. I am better than any woman could ever hope to be. Men want me. Women want me, and want to be me, but they can never be. I am beyond the bounds of nature and they can never hope to attain what I have. I was made for you, all of you, to adore, to despise. Made just for you.

I am Tyria, a supermodel.

She looks at me with those eyes, every time. She doesn’t look at the others the same way—as she glances, she holds it too long. It awakens a longing. My eyes flash quickly over hers—brown eyes glimmering under the subdued light. And I’m holding it too long and I have to look away. For some reason, I’ve always found it easy to talk to Jayla. I tell her things I’ve never told anyone—nothing major, but still more. I think she only feels sorry for me. She finishes powdering my face, and I’m off.

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