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Doctors Wilde

Romp in Rome

~Shannon Pearce~

A Beau to Beau Fun Romance

Copyright 2011-01-03: Beau to Beau Books

All rights reserved


Included in: Doctors Wilde – Romp in Rome

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. Doctors Wilde – Romp in Rome



A thirst for thrills and a mind for mischief lead Gary and Gordy to an uninhabited old castle where they are led through maze after maze and from the exotic to the erotic by an unseen inhabitant of the dark and dreary dwelling. With fervor for the forbidden, the fun loving Doctors Wilde may have stumbled into the home of someone or something that did not appreciate their visit.

Doctors Wilde: Romp in Rome – Rome, Georgia, that is.

Gary and Gordy had been home for a couple of months following a brief yet exciting trip to New Orleans, where they had enjoyed a brief reprieve from the pressure filled careers they had chosen, when that old familiar restlessness came over them once again. Somehow the two young doctors could always manage to schedule their patients, as well as their on-call weekends, to allow themselves at least one long weekend here and there to get away from what they liked to refer to as the “old guard,” the senior members of their medical group whose lives revolved around their work and whose opinion it was that their younger counterparts lacked the proper dedication necessary to be worthy of the noble title of Doctor of Medicine.

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