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The Difference

Moan Lisa

Published by Mermaid Press at Smashwords

Public Domain

As though you could have felt my arms wrap around your

skin, and though you've bled enough in this life for

several men; I know what you had meant by it, when you

Said there was a separate juncture for our sinful fates;

No modesty claimed, and only light cruelty; we are

destined for separate shores; and that I can bear; but

let me have a taste of what I'll be missing

Open your lips; expose the bare truth of our communion;

And sink a while, beneath the ocean's tide; run wild,

and taste the fluids off my fingers, each drop of

ecstasy will callous your mind; and make it numb

Art and science; these two, tapped into fate; and the

curiosity of stars; Heaven knows, but you won't accept

the boundaries of our desire; let the manic drive

Corrupt your skin, and let the ocean's breath take yours

away; feel the panic beneath the surface; and let go

Opened eyes, running wild with the taste of fresh blood

I'll wrap your hands in purity; and leave you restless;

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