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Fine Tuning, Connect with Your Inner Power

We are living in times of massive change. The rug is being pulled out from under our feet economically, environmentally, politically, culturally and in ways we don’t even recognize.

FINE TUNING is the art of changing with the times. It is using the natural gifts of the 6 senses to connect with what you want, need and must deal with, in order to get results in your life that make it feel right in the present. Being fine tuned is how to get through these changes and come out feeling good.

Everybody can do it because fine tuning is plugging in to yourself. It’s very personal like your fingerprints or voice pattern. As natural as breathing, and as powerful, Fine Tuning puts you’re in sync with your intuitive self. Intuition is your personal coordination and guidance system. Fine Tuning is how to access it.


Fine Tuning is dedicated to every person who as the courage to be true

to his or her heart.

About This Book: Fine Tuning, Connect with Your Inner Power, was originally published in 2005 to help people help themselves by re-connecting with their intuitive sense. It's written to respond to the reader's quest. People who purchase it are encouraged to spontaneously open it to any page. Many do this when they have a question.

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