Love is Blind

By Shayna B.

Copyright 2013 Shayna Bueckert

Smashwords edition


Freak. Reject. Defective. These are words that teenagers are familiar with. Many have been called one those names at one time or another, for a variety of reasons. But the ones who get called names the most are the ones who deserve to be commended for their bravery. They are the ones that go through life while overcoming obstacles that others can’t even begin to comprehend.

I used to be one of those people who would look at these people with pity and sometimes sympathy. But never with respect. Not until I became one of them, that is. While I may not look like one of them, rest assured that I am. My life changed one fateful night and nothing in my world would ever be the same again. Months of pain, frustration and anger taught me many things. It taught me patience, tolerance and most of all how to really embrace life, since it had almost been taken from me.

But that isn’t what this story is about. No, this story is about another fateful day in my life. It’s about the day I met a boy my age, suffering through the same things I had. But while I overcame the anger, he embraced it. While I strived to live my life normally, he was content to continue on in misery, pushing everyone away who tried to help him.

Until me. I wouldn’t let him push me away, no matter how hard he tried. My name is Hailey Baker, and I’m going to tell you how I discovered that love really is blind.

Chapter one

Gravel crunched under my shoes when I walked up the path that led to the park a few blocks from where I lived. Beside me, my dog Tonto trotted along with his Frisbee clutched in his mouth. We went through the gates at the front of the park and headed for the swings. The area was deserted at this time of the day, and there wasn’t another soul in sight. Tonto waited patiently, Frisbee still in his mouth, while I sat on one of the swings and set it into gentle motion. I closed my eyes and relished in the feel of the soft breeze on my face as I swayed back and forth.

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