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Penelope Pritchard is bent on obtaining some rare and ancient Chinese Rose Bushes for her new estate. After obtaining them from Mr. Yin, strange disappearances start to occur and then her family begins to vanish.

Penelope can’t figure out what is going on but continues to admire her killer flowers; until they turn on her. With everyone gone, the Police begin a search for the Chinese gardener Mr. Yin and his strange flowers. See what happens inside.

The Story Begins

IT was a beautiful and warm summer day when the Pritchard’s moved into their new estate, consisting of 10 acres with a three and one half million dollar, multi roomed house, swimming pool, and two tennis courts, it was quite a place to be seen.

It had a long circular drive that went by the front door, and three car garages, a fountain in the front yard with a muse pouring water from a jar, and a Gazebo in the back yard.

This was Penelope’s new dream home, but something would happen there later, because of Penelope Pritchard, that would make their new home a place of death.

The back yard consisted of a small flower garden, gazebo, the swimming pool, and a large covered patio, with multiple potted plants on it. The Pritchard’s were ecstatic about their new home, and were very busy for the next few weeks moving all of their belongings into their new home, but, they tended to neglect the upkeep of the exterior until they had finally settled in.

Richard Pritchard was Penelope’s husband. He was a retired C.E.O. for a major corporation which created computer design software for industrial plants and processors. His financial successes were numerous, and well known.

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