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“A most inspirational memoir by a man who’s had more ups and downs than the mountain ranges he traversed during his incredible walk across America.”

Alan M. Dershowitz Internationally acclaimed author, criminal defense and civil liberties lawyer, and Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School

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“Walking is an American tradition, but the compelling story that Don Brown tells about his formative years and his life experiences is an extraordinary read. Anyone who loves walking, this great country, and the great sense of triumph overcoming tragedy must read Don Brown’s new book. It is a page-turner and a compelling lesson about humility, justice, equality, and faith. I recommend it enthusiastically!”

Charles Ogletree, Jr.The Jesse Climenko Professor of Law and the founder and executive director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice at Harvard Law School. Author of The Presumption of Guilt: The Arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Race, Class, and Crime in America, and others

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“You have done it and I must confess that I am both impressed and envious. Impressed because you have stayed with a very large task and actively translated personal experience into a quite readable document . . . ”

Derrick Bell The late professor became the first African American to be granted tenure at Harvard Law School, where he established a course in civil rights law and wrote Race, Racism and American Law, a standard law school textbook nationwide. He was also the first African American dean of the University of Oregon Law School. He was an acclaimed author of both fiction and non-fiction, including the books And We Are Not Saved and Faces at the Bottom of the Well

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