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A Father’s Gift:

Stories From Our Past

Vol. 2

By M.E. Cardona

Co-written by EV

Edited by Nana&Nene

Smashwords Edition

All rights reserved.

Copyright 2013 M.E. Cardona

This book is also available in print.

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This book is dedicated to my children and grandchildren. You've given me many joyful moments in life and with your unconditional love and support you've helped me overcome my own hardships, replacing my tears with a smile.

With love,

M.E. Cardona


Under the Earth

My grandfather Placido Davila worked at a coal mine for most of his life. For many years he lived with our family, mother taking him in after he separated from grandma Basilia. I remember my brother Francisco would sometimes play around with him, calling each other nicknames. "Pachilango" he would call him, the nickname eventually stuck and he hated it. My grandfather was a very serious man, a man of few words. When he did talk he demanded respect and was strict in his ways, the kind of grandfather that would hardly show any affection out in public. Yet his facade would become apparent when the grand-kids were around.

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