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Summary: A brief look at Death Valley, California and its inhabitants.

1. Death Valley. Juvenile Literature. 2. California. Juvenile Literature. 3. Deserts. Juvenile Literature.

Reading Level: 4.8

Words: 2013

Ages 8 and up

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About the Author

Death Valley is a strange and unique area found in the state of California in the United States. What makes this area so different, and what mysteries does it hold? Read on and find out.

(Alisha Vargas)

Fact 1: Death Valley is the hottest place in the United States.

For more than eight months out of every year the temperature in Death Valley reaches over 100 degrees (38 degrees Celsius). In the summer the temperatures average 112 degrees (44 degrees C). It can even get as hot as 134 degrees (57 degrees C)!

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