14 Fun Facts About the Grand Canyon / Jeannie Meekins

Summary: A brief look at some fun facts about the Grand Canyon.

1. Grand Canyon. Juvenile Literature. 2. United States. Juvenile Literature.

Words: 1923

Reading Level: 6.9

Ages 9 and up.

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Billions of years ago the world was a very different place. The continents as we know them did not exist. Islands, such as Hawaii, did not exist. Rainforests thrived where deserts now stand. Many mountain ranges were flat plains. Even life did not exist.

The Earth’s crust is a thin shell. A jigsaw puzzle of pieces that sit on a bed of molten rock. They move, pushing, pulling, smashing and grinding against each other. Molten rock finds weak spots or holes and spews itself forth into the atmosphere. This happens not only on dry land but under our seas.

Most of our planet’s crust is covered by water. It has always been so. But the forces beneath the crust lifts land to appear in areas where it did not, and sinks other lands beneath the sea.

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