14 Fun Facts About Yellowstone / Jeannie Meekins

Summary: A brief look at some fun facts about Yellowstone National Park.

1. Yellowstone National Park. Juvenile Literature. 2. Geysers. Juvenile Literature.

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Yellowstone National Park is full of hot springs, geysers and grizzly bears. It also has stone forests, glass cliffs, a glacial lake and colorful canyons created by rivers and waterfalls. All of this is fuelled by a supervolcano that could erupt, killing millions of people and devastating the world’s climate for years.

Fact 1: Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first National Park

Yellowstone National Park is located in the North West corner of Wyoming, and over the borders into Montana in the north and Idaho in the west. It covers an area of 3468 square miles (8982 square kilometers).

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