14 Fun Facts About Yosemite / Jeannie Meekins

Summary: A brief look at Yosemite National Park.

1. Yosemite. Juvenile Literature. 2. National Parks. Juvenile Literature.

Created in USA

Words: 2020

Reading Level: 7.2

Ages 10 and up.

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For millions of years, volcanic activity beneath the Earth’s crust has been turning rocks into granite. The rocks were uplifted, forming a small mountain range with small streams and creeks weaving their way through the valleys. Surface volcanoes erupted, covering the area in lava. The streams cut new paths. The land was again uplifted; streams and erosion cut canyons. Then the Earth cooled and froze. Glaciers filled the valleys, running down the rivers and cutting the canyons into wide valleys.

As the Ice Age retreated, the Sierra Nevada mountain range and Yosemite were left uncovered.

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