Psychological Expression of Human Personality


Ram Bansal

ISBN: 9781301980758

Copyright Ram Bansal 2013

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Psychological Expression of Personality

Every individual member of every life species, called the 'individual', exists on two planes - physical and cosmic. What is sensible through sensory organs is physical existence of the life species. Thus, visible form, emanating sound and smell, feel and taste sensed by a living-being through his/her eyes, ears, nose, touch and tongue respectively, are components of physical existence of the individual, humans included. Apart from these existences, the individual has a huge inventory on cosmic plane, such as thoughts, intellect, genetic information, etc which can't be sensed through sensory organs but may be realized through intellectual faculties possessed by human-beings. This inventory is collectively called 'psyche' of the individual. Science of study of psyche is termed as 'psychology' and the cosmic plane is often referred to as 'psychological plane'.

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