What others are saying about Making The Grades

“This book is dynamite! The nice personal voice (biting anger, conveyed with delicious humor) makes it utterly accessible and enticing--i.e., a good story, wholly apart fromthe terribly important ammunition it provides to those of us in the ‘testing wars’ at national and local levels.”

-Jonathan Kozol, author of Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools

“With Making the Grades, Todd Farley has written a shocking, hilarious, and firecely urgent story. His smooth amiable prose leads readers on an engaging tour of the mind-bogglingly dysfunctional corporate enterprise of creating and grading high-stakes standardized tests. In a political age where the terms ‘accountability’ and ‘test scores’ have been hopelessly conflated, Farley’s insider account delivers a searing challenge to the powers that be.”

-Dan Brown, author of The Great Expectations School: A Rookie Year in the New Blackboard Jungle

“This is the kind of book you’l be telling your friends they’ve simply got to read. But it’s the politicians, and others who confuse high test scores with good news, who really must do so because Farley’s tell-all insider account offers a devastating indictment of the whole ‘accountability’ agenda that’s driving our schools.”

-Alfie Kohn, author of The Case Against Standarized Testing

Making the Grades:

My Misadventures in the Stndardized Testing Industry

Todd Farley

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