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Personal Journeys:

Stories of Survival from the Great Recession


A special thank you to my sons. Jesse and Brett, for being an inspiration to me every single day. To my granddaughter– may you grow up to find a more compassionate world, be greeted by an abundance of opportunities, love, and kindness. My family, who have observed my obsession with things that seemed impractical, but who have been supportive and generous in their patience – thank you. To my circle of friends and acquaintances – you have given me strength and emotional support throughout the process of writing this book.

Special thank you to Mark, my “mentor”, who quietly and calmly kept me on track. Gentle pushes, practical suggestions, nudges on occasion, understanding my process and my processing – you have been a constant and I appreciate your encouragement. You reminded me to write my story, not concern myself with the product as much as the importance of telling the stories of those who volunteered to share their lives with all of us.

The most important thank you goes to the participants in the research. Your courage and temerity is admirable. Your ability to survive, to thrive, to adapt, to support others, and to offer us a glimpse into your experience is awe-inspiring. I honour you.

Finally, a huge thank you to the CAW Action Centre in Oshawa that allowed me to use their space at no cost to conduct the interviews.

And Mom, RIP. I wish you could have been here to celebrate this project with me.

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