The Lost Ballet

By Richard Dorrance

Copyright 2013 Richard Dorrance

Smashwords Edition

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The Charleston Library Society.

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Chapter 1 – The Secret Compartment

Helstof called Gwen June and said, “If you want to come over for coffee, we have something interesting to show you. You brought something back from Russia you didn’t know about.”

“I’m on my way. Should I invite Roger, or is this girl stuff?”

“Bring him. And bring the four ballet geeks, if you can. We haven’t seen them in a while, and this is about ballet. Oh, I shouldn’t have given that away. It’s half the surprise. See you.”

Gwen called down to the rehearsal hall, and got Peter. When he answered she said, “Who’s down there today? Are Selgey and Bart there? Can you get away for an hour or two?”

“They’re here. So is Pater. What’s up?”

“Helstof wants us to come over to her house; says she has a surprise about ballet. Says we brought something back from the heist we didn’t know about. Can you come now?”

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