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Text by Brett Fitzpatrick

Photography by Barbara Stanzl

The Other Venice

Gondolas, tourists, Spritz and tiny cracks of uncertainty amidst timeless beauty.

I've been living in Venice for a year now. And I love it. Venice has so many faces and moods and I've really developed a relationship with the city. There is a lot of energy, people come from all over the world and they seem to leave a tiny part of their soul here. You can feel it in the air and on the sandy banks of the Lido. Venice is mesmerizing and inspiring. In this book I want to show "The other Venice" far away from the well known sites and the touristic paths. There are so many nooks and crannies, hidden silent avenues and areas that it could easily fill 10 books. I have selected the best and diverted them into different chapters. I do take photos straight away, when the moment is right, because I believe that the moment passes, the light and the mood change if you wait too long. In this book the reader and observer has the opportunity to look behind the curtain of the decaying facades. It's not a guide but a study of a city so beautiful that no other place in the world can come close. Venice's beauty is of a fragile nature, if you close your eyes it might disappear in front of you. I really enjoy living here and slowly getting to know this place, so enjoy and get to know "my" city.

From Above

Getting the bird's-eye view of Venice is easy with so many tall bell towers looking down on the ancient streets and squares. Often the hotels of Venice have a balcony or terrace on the roof, and the whole panorama of the ancient city spreads out before the guest. It all looks so simple and so small.

But beware, there is a lot going on down in those simple-seeming streets. When you get down into the streets below, things start to look very different. You start to lose your way, you see unexpected things, it's a whole different perspective.

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