Wedding Plans

By Meyari McFarland

When she glanced out the window Hipatia saw Father and Doran walking back up the street, Doran clinging to Father's hand and laughing as they walked. Father's hair had gone gray at the temples the last couple of years but he was still strong and healthy.

At their side walked another man, young and comely with the dark skin of a man who worked in the sun all day. He grinned down at Doran, white teeth flashing in the bright light of the afternoon sun. Dorcia looked too, drawing in a slow breath as she spotted the strange man.

"Oh my," Dorcia breathed. "He's gorgeous. Maybe he's here to ask for your hand, Hipatia."

"A man like him?" Hipatia gasped, horrified by the sheer thought. "Dorcia! Don't be ridiculous."

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