Generations of love

Poetry and Photographs

of Mothers, daughters and granddaughters

by Lisa Williamson

Published by Lisa Williamson at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Lisa Williamson

Memories can be bright and shiny, like a new penny. Easily assessable and bring with them strong emotions. Or they can be foggy and dim, able to evoke pain without a clear reason why.

Life changes with each breath we take. From one moment to the next what was will never again. Babies are born, they grow, become girls and boys who if loved will give love back. Hectic days go from one to the next till the child who loved you so grows up and away from you. They discover others and the opposite sex. and hopefully themselves in the process. As they do they need their parents less and less, till they are pushed aside. Brought out only on holidays or special occasions it seems. It is the way of life for many. Painful, hurtful but a cycle that goes from parent to child, generation after generation.

Hoping that love and attention would break it is a pipe dream. Giving all you have, that is what a parent does and more when the mother has to be mother and father and provider all at one time. Dreams and hopes fade away to the reality of the life of a single parent.

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