Jacqueline Druga

© 2003 by Jacqueline Druga-Marchetti.

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For your unending inspiration, I dedicate this story to my daughter, Alexandra.


A long time ago, I came across a grade school picture. The little girl in the picture was the saddest thing. However, I am quite sure—knowing her well—that she believed she was at her best that day. That picture had pulled me through many sad times, and brought an incredible amount of smiles to my face. Everyone kept on saying I was obsessed with it. Well, I guess I was, because that picture along with my demented childhood mind brought this story. I would like to thank all those who gave their input on Catholic School experiences, without your help, this story wouldn’t hold its impact. Also, those who read this as I wrote it and beckoned me for more. Especially, my brother Ron, and his entire crew of friends who have been a mega support and ego boost on this book. To my Aunt Debbie. You are such a good sport. Though you kept telling me there was something wrong with me. Thank you. Of course, even though he’s ignored my every letter, for this book wouldn’t be complete without him … Donny. And finally, as always to ‘F’. My drive, my push.

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