Smashwords Edition

By Lacey Layton

Copyright 2013 Lacey Layton


She politely tapped on his open door. "Mr. Hemmingway?"

He tried to look like he had not been following her with his eyes. "Oh Gail yes come in. Feeling better?"

She swished her hair and put her hands through it, thrusting her chest out. "Oh Mr. Hemmingway I feel wonderful today!"

"That's, that's good."

"I'm meeting that Debra person from Global Price, I mean Price Global at my apartment this afternoon."

She put her palms on the edge of his desk and leaned over, letting her cleavage become the centerpiece of his sight.

"So what does my big, important boss have to do today? Any free time?"

There was silence as Mr. Hemmingway stared.

"Actually there is supposed to be a news conference in twenty minutes. I have to go." the last words out of his mouth were filled with disappointment.

"Oh bossy," she said squishing her lips together "isn't there anyway you can be just a little late? I'm sure I can make it worth your while."

"Jesus," Mr. Hemmingway said under his breath. "I'm sorry Gail but I need to be there."

He averted his eyes which allowed the sexual spell to be broken. He stood, with difficulty as Gail noticed the large bulge in his pants. She licked her lips as he grabbed his coat.

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