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King of Bitcoin

Kayleen Knight

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Kayleen Knight

“Bitcoins? Buttcoins more like!”

Brad outstretched his hand to his desk-mate, receiving a reciprocal high-five. Titters erupted around the classroom at the jock’s customary wit, accompanied by the sound of a few snores, low chattering, and bored tapping of pencils.

Atlas shrugged. He had been expecting the morons not to understand the importance of his class talk, and patiently stood there waited for the idiotic giggling to die down. He was trying his best to inform them about the future of economics, the future of everything. It was 2019, and he’d been doing the same thing for five tiring years. Few had listened, preferring to remain in their convenient bubble. Sheep.

He straightened his shirt, which was already pressed neatly. “No, Bradley, bitcoins. As I was saying, bitcoins are a cryptocurrency, the most popular of many, and they allow users to send and receive payments over a decentralized encrypted network. They are the future of currency as we know it, so it would in fact behoove you to listen.”

Brad stretched back further in his chair, sneering at the tall, thin, impossibly serious, Atlas. Instead it was Brad’s cheerleader girlfriend Kayleigh who spoke. She sat at the front of the class, and Atlas had to concentrate not to be distracted by her long creamy legs clearly visible to him under the desk.

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