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John Janovy, Jr.

Copyright © 2013 by John Janovy, Jr.

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This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoyment and academic use only. PARASITOLOGY LAB EXERCISES is free, but an author needs some encouragement now and then, so please tell your friends to download their own copies so that the numbers show up on my dashboard page (= the encouragement!) Thank you for respecting the author’s copyrighted work. I hope this book is of use to you.

Each week’s exercise has a set of materials to be used, objectives and outcomes, tasks, study questions, vocabulary to be mastered, and a list of the slides available for study. Students were required to complete a notebook with drawings, comments on drawings, essay answers to some of the study questions as required by the Teaching Assistant, and anything else the TA felt should be included. TAs also distributed their own syllabi, along with some additional instructions. There was a lab quiz every week after the first week. Each student had his/her own compound and dissecting microscope, and the lab was equipped with both a compound and dissecting microscope with video camera connected through a VCR to a large monitor. There was also a document camera and a flex-neck video camera that were attached to the monitor through a switch box. So TAs used video microscopy quite frequently in their teaching, including the weekly quiz. Labs were scheduled for three hours. TAs also devised a mid-term and final practical, and made the lab available for study time prior to those larger practical exams. Students also brought their textbook (FOUNDATIONS OF PARASITOLOGY) to lab.

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