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YOVO: Experiences of West Africa

by Kiana Frick

Published by Kiana Frick at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Kiana Frick

If I can help here, great. But if all I take from this experience is understanding... that’s still great. I will bring an ounce of understanding home to an America which is really very ignorant about this place.

People know there is poverty. But also there is generosity, there are political problems, there is culture, there are jokes, there is a different way of interacting and viewing the world.

Kiana is a 17-year-old from Long Island, New York. In her gap year between high school and starting West Point Military Academy, she biked across America, worked in a bakery store, attended a language school in France, and spent 6 weeks in Togo volunteering at an orphanage. This is her blog of Togo

Yovo, yovo, bon soir, ca va bien? Merci. [White person, white person, good day. How are you? Thank you.] Togolese Children’s Chant

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