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Doctor Thomas Avery PH.D. was about to announce a reinterpretation of scientific possibility on a par with Wilson and Penzias, in his own humble opinion. It was a humbling discovery that there were, if not an infinite number, then billions of universes floating like soap bubbles in an unimaginable bathtub. Last month that was a centuries old theory, today it was indisputable because travel had been achieved. Avery had travelled the multiverse to loot King Tut’s tomb before Howard. Should anyone decide that hundreds of pounds of gold had been acquired on his salary in order to fake multiple universe time travel, he had managed to modify a surplus military vehicle owned by the agriculture department in order to kidnap a velociraptor hatchling.

Surprisingly, as someone spoiled by dogs, he had to admit that the little guy was making a pretty good pet so far. Even taking to potty training, not just house breaking but into the toilet like a human. Of course, God only knew what Wally was going to be like as a twenty or thirty pound adult. Avery hoped that by proper or at least intensive socialization with his Great Dane, Misty, and humans in general, raptors could be proven to be good pets. The killing claw on his second toe had to have been removed.

The announcement was now, Ben Douglas, the editor of The Journal of Cosmic String Vibrations was introducing him now. Taking a deep breath, Avery stepped on stage carrying Wally in a dog carrier. Tut’s gold was behind a stage curtain.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the proof that I am here to explain regarding the Burton-Bonnscot equation will have effects on everyday life ranging from tourism to resources to paleontology, botany, and anthropology. Everyone here is no doubt aware of the equation written by Cliff Burton, working with Dr Bonnscot that opens the possibility of tachyonic conversion within a unified field pulse. I’m proud to announce that with a singularity equipped vehicle, this has been accomplished.”

The curtain was raised revealing Tut’s second treasure. There were gasps from the crowd. Now was the time to put the leash on Wally and really wow them. The little raptor, upon leaving his carrier stretched luxuriously, shook himself, and then started preening contentedly, completely ignoring the audience. Avery had never been prouder of an animal. His audience however, was stunned but not speechless.

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