25 Years of Transplantation

A Patient View

Kevin Dwyer

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Copyright 2011 Kevin Dwyer

Table of Contents


Cyclosporin A and the Experimental Nature of Transplantation


Tai Chi

Life in General



Twenty or so years ago I’m lying on a hospital bed in St. Marys in the middle of an open ward, at night and I can’t sleep. There are three dead children above me howling “why are you oo still alive”. I can still annunciate their spooky little voices. I go to the nurse and get a Tamezepam. 25 years on, I assure you, that was nothing. Now I’m 44 years old. When I was 11 I had my first kidney biopsy and peed out dark congealed blood like toothpaste, painfully if I remember. Apparently there’s a one in 500 chance of that happening.

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