No Work for You!

If you’re Over 40 and Out of Work
You May Never Find Work Again


Alan Hankh


Copyright © 2011


Well, I am sorry to alarm anyone who is reading this essay or is just curious and reading a passage or two to see what it is about, but the sad truth of this story is if you are unemployed and over 40 you may never work again in a 40 hour a week job with benefits and a retirement plan. How could this be you say? The United States has always been the land of opportunity with jobs galore for anyone who wanted them. Well as the song man in the 60’s once said “The Times they are changing” and we have to change with the times.

It would help to understand why we are in the current mess we are in the first place. How did this happen? Who is to blame? What do all the unemployed people do if they will never find work again? I will cover every one of these questions and hopefully after you have finished reading my thoughts on why you will never work again you can focus on what you must do to survive in the “New America” today.

Who is to Blame? The short answer is everyone! The list of folks who led us down the road of misfortune and financial despair includes our friends, neighbors, bankers, Politician’s and corporate America. After the American Revolution and gaining our independence from Britain in 1776, our young America had a very small population. These early Americans came from different countries and cultures. They created wealth by exploiting the natural resources in our new country, which were in great abundance at that time. The clear cutting of the American forests to feed our timber thirst and the extermination of Native Americans who were in our way enabled us to better rape and pillage all that America had to offer in its abundance of natural resources.

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